The Stargate Canon vs. Fanon Primer

You see the evidence here before you; you make the call. If you see any canon to add to any of these, or can think of any other fanon you'd like to see added to the list, let me know. Written and compiled by Destina, with detailed input from Arduinna, Barkley, and The Wild Mole. Coming soon: an update covering season seven.

Last updated: May 14, 2004. Added items about Daniel's degrees, planetary designations, the languages Jack speaks, Jack/Sam canon, and some other various updates.

Fanon: Daniel cries a lot.

Canon: Daniel definitely, visibly cries or is teary-eyed in the following episodes: Children of the Gods, Secrets, Need, Legacy, Menace, Meridian, The Light, and Forever in a Day.

Fanon: Jack calls Daniel 'Danny', 'Danny-boy' and 'spacemonkey'.

Canon: Jack calls Daniel 'Danny' twice in Hathor and once in Demons. He calls Daniel 'Danny-boy' in Prisoners and Holiday. By the middle of the third season, in other words, he had stopped using those diminutives completely. We're now about to enter the eighth season.

Jack referred to Daniel as 'spacemonkey' once, in The Serpent's Lair (season two). He's never used the nickname again.

Fanon: Daniel is a magnet for Goa'uld who want to rape him.

Canon: Daniel was, in effect, raped by Hathor. She used her pheromones to make Daniel sleep with her, clearly against his will; he grabbed her hand and stopped her from touching/kissing him until she worked the mojo. At the very least, if you want to be very technical about it, it was non-consensual.

Fanon: Jack never gives Daniel compliments or credit while Daniel is present.

Canon: Jack has given Daniel quite a bit of direct and indirect praise, in Daniel's presence and to others when Daniel is not there.


- Nice job. (The Tomb)
- A reference to how Daniel is always right. (A Hundred Days)
- "You never cease to amaze me with all your talents." (Brief Candle)
- An attempt to defer to Daniel's skills and education as negotiator in the process for protected planet status (Fair Game)
- A reference to Daniel being the guy who knows his stuff and is needed on the job (Crystal Skull)
- "You did good, Daniel." (Enigma)
- A eulogy that included reference to Daniel being a good man, to him being the conscience of the team, and being the reason the program exists (Fire and Water)
- Telling Daniel he admires him (Meridian)

Fanon: Elves!

Canon: In Red Sky, the people of the planet believed the members of SG-1 were elves, sent by the gods. They constantly referred to them as elves. So, there you go. In canon, at last: main characters who were, for a short time, elves. *g*

Fanon: Daniel drops his gun and is clumsy with it; he's a pacifist who doesn't like or use weapons.

Canon: Movie-Daniel shoots both a staff weapon and a handgun with proficiency and accuracy. In the series, Daniel continues this characterization from the very beginning.

Some examples:

- First season: Daniel shoots an automatic weapon (Bloodlines) and ejects a clip from a handgun (The First Commandment) without difficulty.

- Second season: he shoots automatic weapons with both hands, and then with his uninjured hand (The Serpent's Lair). He backs up Jack while conducting a sweep of the base (Show and Tell) and blows away one of the aliens. He is part of the team’s military operations (Touchstone). Daniel threatened to kill Apophis himself and meant it (Serpent's Song).

- Third season: He dropped his gun while being ribboned by Amaunet (Forever in a Day), but this was after he'd fired it several times in battle, killed a Jaffa, and reloaded with a new clip.

- Fourth season: Daniel easily disarmed an opponent in hand-to-hand combat (Beneath the Surface). He struggles to pull his gun from his holster when he is unable to tranquilize Osiris (The Curse), and is caught off guard by his attack.

- Fifth season: he is a fully functioning member of a military unit (Enemies), able to shoot a P-90 in a combat situation while running backwards to provide cover in an organized retreat with his team. He carries and uses a P-90 while on a mission to rescue Jack (The Fifth man). While on a plainclothes investigation with Sam, he carries a handgun in a casual fashion and handles it quite comfortably (Wormhole X-treme!).

Fanon: Jack is a Good Guy who would never do the things the NID would do, despite his time in special ops.

Canon: There’s an entry at Versaphile re this bit of fanon which is informative and correct about the military, the USAF and Black Ops. Additional information has popped up since that essay. Jack's past has been clarified a bit in canon by the episode Chain Reaction, in which Maybourne clearly says he has read Jack's file and knows of the things he's done, and can't understand why Jack insists on pretending he smells like a rose. Clearly, if Jack's deeds were distasteful enough to impress the head of the NID, Jack has done some things that would go against the grain for many people.

In the first season, Jack talks about what it means to be a soldier and to do things under orders (Cor-Ai). In the third season, Maybourne bought into Jack's traitor act without hesitation (Shades of Grey).

Fanon: Daniel screams, shouts, gets pissy and has tantrums.

Canon: In Fire and Water, he got pissy with Nem and his voice rose to girly-squeal levels when he couldn't figure out what Nem wanted. Same thing in There But For The Grace Of God, when he was talking to Katherine in the holding tank. His goodbye to Jack in Serpent's Lair is a little hyper and high-pitched (due to pain and excitement, no doubt). In One False Step, he does a little dance of rage when arguing with Jack, and he also loses his temper when he becomes frustrated, and knocks everything off his work table. In Politics, he raises his voice with Kinsey when Kinsey becomes unreasonable.

By the third season, Daniel has started to rein this in, and when he's most upset, he's quiet. Witness his behavior in Shades of Grey, Past and Present, Maternal Instinct, New Ground, Scorched Earth, Beast of Burden, Entity, and Menace - with The Other Side also a good example, until Jack pushed Daniel too far, and then - he raised his voice. Daniel matures a great deal over the course of the show.

Fanon: Daniel is suicidal.

Canon: Daniel tried to offer himself up as a host when Sha're was taken, but he did it out of a misguided belief that he could be with her, in some fashion. Daniel tried hang back in Torment of Tantalus, but being presented with the realization of a dream - answers to the questions about the meaning of life - sort of stripped away his ability to think clearly. He realized this and came to an independent decision to leave with Jack. In The Light, Daniel is under the influence, depressed because of factors outside of his control, and not making sense. Finally, though the doctors took away Daniel's glasses in Legacy because he could use them to cut himself, we see no evidence that Daniel actually expressed suicidal ideation or intention.

Fanon: Daniel ends up in the infirmary a great deal, in comparison to the other members of SG-1. In fact, he practically lives there.

Canon: For the purposes of comparison, I only counted episodes where the team members needed medical treatment in the infirmary that resulted in them being in bed for some period of time. "Patch-ups" (like Daniel in Politics or Menace), or Jack (in Show and Tell), where they get stitched up/bandaged up and apparently go on about their business, don't count. Neither did off-world injuries (The Nox, Prisoners, etc) that didn't result in later time in the infirmary. Also, I didn't count catastrophic injuries that were healed by other means (like Jack's time in the sarcophagus in Hathor, or Daniel's in Serpent's Lair). This list includes season seven.

Daniel: 12 (Bearing in mind that his time in the infirmary in FiaD was in a dream)
The Light
Forever in a Day
Absolute Power
Holiday (in Machello's body)
Evolution part 2 (presumably; he's on crutches, so he probably spent time in the infirmary first)

Jack: 11
Desperate Measures
Solitudes (we don't see him in the infirmary, but we know he's headed there)
A Matter Of Time
Crystal Skull
The Fifth Race (he was unconscious for two hours upon return)
Enemy Mine

Teal'c: 8
Out Of Mind
Fair Game

Sam: 9
Crystal Skull
In The Line Of Duty
Broca Divide
Redemption Part II
Death Knell **

Fanon: Daniel was an abused, neglected, unwanted child.

Canon: Daniel was orphaned at the age of eight when both his parents were killed in an accident. We know his grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, didn't want to adopt him and was not interested in keeping Daniel in his home (Crystal Skull); their relationship later in life was problematic, possibly because of Nick's attitude when Daniel was a child. In the Stargate movie, Daniel has a picture of his foster parents, who raised him; there is no indication given that his childhood was miserable or difficult. The family in the picture appears happy.

Fanon: Daniel is a coffee addict and a snob about what he'll drink.

Canon: He does seem to have a cup in his hands quite a bit. This fanon started with the movie, where Daniel's breakthrough on deciphering the coverstone was made while he was getting water to refill the coffeepot. It should be noted that if Daniel will drink Air Force coffee--which is known for how long the spoon can stand upright in the cup--and if he will refill the coffeemaker with tap water, he's not picky about his caffeine fix. In the series, we see him drinking coffee in numerous episodes (Urgo, Seth, Enemy Within, Enigma, etc).

Fanon: Daniel thinks Jack drinks disgusting, cheap domestic beer; Daniel doesn't like and doesn't drink beer.

Canon: In Shades of Grey, Daniel explicitly says he doesn't really like beer. However, we see him drinking beer in Children of the Gods, and he has a dark beer on the table in front of him in Upgrades. He also drinks several beers at Jack's house in Lost City. So clearly, he does drink it, from time to time. There's no instance in canon of Daniel ever putting down Jack's taste in beer.

Fanon: Daniel is always right.

Canon: This fanon originates with Jack's remark to Laira in A Hundred Days: If Daniel was right about this, and he always is... Daniel has been right about a number of things, but he's also been really, really wrong (Message in a Bottle, for instance, or his deal with Anubis in Full Circle). Jack is not under the mistaken impression that Daniel is infallible.

Fanon: Jack served in Vietnam.

Canon: In Brief Candle, Jack states he is 40 years old. This makes his date of birth 1957. He would not have been old enough to enter the Air Force until 1975, when he turned 18; this is the year the war ended. However, this canon was contradicted in Fragile Balance, when we see the year of Jack's birth as 1952, according to his ID. If his DOB is '57, it's extremely unlikely he could have served in 'Nam, but a DOB of '52 makes it a bit more likely. There is not, however, any canon as to whether or not he did.

Fanon: Jack was tortured and raped in an Iraqi prison.

Canon: Jack admits he was in prison once in Prisoners, and in A Matter of Time, we learn the prison was an Iraqi prison, and he was a captive for four months and was left behind by his commanding officer. However, he has never gone into any detail about his experiences there.

Fanon: Daniel stutters and isn't articulate.

Canon: In general, it appears Daniel's thoughts run too fast for his mouth to keep up with. Emotion sometimes makes him inarticulate (Small Victories), and sometimes, he searches for common words and fails to find them (Beast of Burden).

Fanon: Jack has bad knees.

Canon: In Descent, Jack mentions that his knees give him trouble in cold water. In Prodigy and Threshold, he mentions bad knees and/or back. In at least two episodes - Need and Full Circle - Jack mentions having trouble with his knees. In addition, he's nursing a canon serious knee injury throughout the entire first half of the sixth season. In the seventh season, Fraiser mentions Jack's knee injuries/surgeries (Heroes pt 1), further establishing his knee issues as canon.

Fanon: Jack feels old, old, old.

Canon: The first time Jack says he feels old, or words to that effect, is in Tin Man: In Into the Fire, Jack makes reference to his grey hair.

Fanon: Sara O'Neill is a bitch and Jack hates her.

Canon: Jack has never spoken of his wife with anything but respect. In the first season, he still misses her (Solitudes) and has clear affection for her (Cold Lazarus, Brief Candle). In the seventh season, he still has a picture of her and Charlie, which was either in his bedroom (Fragile Balance) or hanging on his living room wall (Lost City, part one).

Fanon: Daniel is significantly younger and shorter than Jack.

Canon: Daniel is younger by either 8 or 13 years (Daniel was born in 1965, Jack was born in 1957 or 1952). As for smaller: Daniel is a bit shorter (an inch or two), but he's very solidly built and quite muscular.

Fanon: Daniel is insecure and craves acceptance and validation.

Canon: Daniel deliberately made himself a laughingstock in the academic community because he chose to stick to his guns, and never did anything publicly to repair that reputation (Stargate movie, The Curse). He's also never shown the slightest hint of collapsing into a quivering heap of insecurity at expressions of disbelief in his theories or ideas, and said expressions have never stopped him from spouting said theories and ideas (The Curse). Moreover, he's deliberately chosen to be a part of a military field team, rather than the research end of things, which would seem to indicate he follows his own path.

In Meridian, Daniel expressed some serious doubts about his worthiness to ascend, and questioned what he had truly accomplished in his life. In the end, however, he conceded the point to Oma Desala, who pointed out he had made a difference to many, and was able to ascend.

Fanon: Daniel broods and sulks alone when he's upset.

Canon: In Heroes, Daniel was discovered sitting alone in one of the infirmary rooms, in the dark, mourning Janet's death.

Fanon: Jack and Daniel share a two-person tent offworld; Sam and Teal'c share another.

Canon: Off-world sleeping arrangements have never been discussed on the show. Early in the first season, we did see tents set up by the team while they were offworld overnight (The First Commandment), but there is no canon establishing who bunked down with whom.

Fanon: Teal'c shows no emotion.

Canon: Teal'c did seem to exhibit a permanent downturned mouth, flat affect and grumpy demeanor in the first season. However, since then he has cried, sobbed or nearly cried in at least four episodes: Out of Mind, Revelations, Meridian, and Bloodlines. In addition, he has displayed amusement (Seth), joy and rage (Crossroads), sorrow (Forever in a Day, Fallen, Heroes), grief (Redemption), empathy (Paradise Lost), desperation/betrayal (The Warrior), and a host of other visible, palpable emotions in nearly every episode.

Fanon: Jack keeps a bedside vigil for Daniel every time he is in the infirmary. (Additional fanon: Jack takes Daniel home from the infirmary, after securing his early release by persuading Janet to let him go home.)

Canon: Jack has kept vigil(s) for Sam, Teal'c and Daniel. For the purposes of this primer, I will list the eps where we see Jack keeping vigil for one of his team members in the following ways: sitting at the bedside or in the same room; hanging out in an observation room; waiting for news; or on-call for when they wake up.

Vigils for Carter:

Vigils for Teal'c:
48 Hours
Avatar (sort of)

Vigils for Daniel:
Absolute Power
The Light
Forever in a Day (dream)

As for the fanon that Daniel or Jack talks Fraiser into letting him out early, Jack took Daniel home with him only once in canon (Children of the Gods), and in that instance, Daniel was never in the infirmary. There are no canon examples of either Jack or Daniel talking Fraiser into letting Daniel leave the infirmary early. In one notable episode (Nemesis), Jack asks Daniel to go fishing and Daniel realizes he isn't up to recuperating anywhere but in the infirmary, and declines the invitation.

Fanon: The members of SG-1 socialize together outside of work.

Canon: We have seen the team together in social situations or off-duty on several occasions. We have also seen invitations that would have led to social interaction off-duty. Some examples:

Fire and Water: Jack holds a wake for Daniel at his house. The wake is attended by numerous SGC personnel, including Hammond, Teal'c and Carter.

Nemesis and Small Victories: Jack invites first Daniel, then Sam to go fishing with him.

The Curse: Teal'c accompanies Jack to his cabin to go fishing.

Family: Sam and Jack attend a reception in Washington, D.C. in uniform; this counts as off-duty, but barely.

Shades of Grey: Daniel stops by Jack's house to discuss Jack's odd behavior.

Chain Reaction: Jack stops by Hammond's house to discuss Hammond's retirement. He is clearly familiar with Hammond's grandchildren; he hugs them and they recognize him.

Ascension: Jack and Teal'c stop by Sam's house with a pizza, but she has company (Orlin). They leave to go see jello wrestling; Jack tells Teal'c to call Daniel to meet them.

Revelations: Jack, Sam and Teal'c are going out to grab some dinner after work.

Upgrades: Sam, Daniel and Jack go to O'Malleys for dinner and play some pool after they eat.

Singularity: The team meets in the park, where Jack presents Cassandra with her own dog. The team discusses events pertaining to Cassandra.

Lost City: Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c spend some quality time drinking beers and making small talk at Jack's house. Hammond later drops by and the conversation turns toward work.

Bane: Daniel and Teal'c visit the little girl who saved Teal'c's life and take her a super soaker.

2010: Sam visits Jack at the cabin; SG-1 see each other at the reception and for dinner; Sam and Daniel tour the SGC.

Absolute Power: Jack comes to see Daniel on the eve of the satellite launch. (This doesn't count, technically; it's a dream.)

Forever in a Day: Sam and Jack help Daniel drag all his junk back to his apartment. (Again, doesn't really count; it's a dream.)

Lockdown: Teal'c invites Sam and Daniel (and possibly others) over for a potluck at his new apartment.

Affinity: Daniel drops by Teal'c's apartment.

Homecoming: the team has plans to get together for dinner; Jack tells Daniel not to be late.

Threads and Moebius, Part 2: The team goes fishing together at Jack's cabin.

Fanon: Daniel was a virgin when he married Sha're and was tricked into marrying her against his will. Alternate versions: Daniel was sexually inexperienced and too naive to resist Sha're, or Daniel's only girlfriend before Sha're was Sarah.

Canon: We really have no clues in canon as to what Daniel's sexual history was before he married Sha're. We know he was with Sarah for a few months (The Curse, Chimera) and that he was frequently preoccupied and obsessed with work. This had a detrimental effect on their relationship and Sarah ended it. We don't know what other relationships Daniel had in the years between embarking on his professional career and being tapped to assist with the Stargate project. Canon is mute on the subject.

Additionally, we know very little about Daniel's personal life during his years at the SGC. We know that in canon, he clung to the hope of finding Sha're. His 'relationship' with Shyla (Need) was an aberration, as was his non-con sexual relations with Hathor (Hathor). After Sha're's death, he had a brief connection with Kera (Past and Present).

Daniel was clearly not naive about Sha're. He quickly realized what the situation was and what he was being offered, and went through the motions to allow her to retain her dignity with her people. However, the movie makes it clear that Daniel had feelings for her. He risked his life to save her and chose to remain on Abydos with her. The television series reinforces this by showing his passionate connection to Sha're (Children of the Gods) and his desperate attempts to find and save her throughout the first two and a half seasons.

I find it a huge stretch that Daniel never had a girlfriend or sexual experiences in high school or college before Sarah, but there is no canon about this, one way or the other.

Fanon: Jack and/or Hammond are tolerant of gays in the military and will look the other way when regulations are broken.

Canon: The issue of gays in the military has never popped up on SG-1 and it probably never will, so Jack's views on this subject will remain forever a mystery. However, there are a few canon facts to consider. Jack is career military, which often carries with it a set of cultural beliefs specific to the military (i.e. don't ask, don't tell) or a definite preference that the subject not be acknowledged or dealt with in a military setting, regardless of a person's individual beliefs on the matter.

Jack has also shown that the integrity of his team and his military chain of command have top priority for him, via his reluctance to reveal his canon 'feelings' for Carter. Carter is his direct subordinate. He shows respect for the prohibition against fraternization, which is a military regulation in the USAF. If he respects this rule, it is likely he would respect similar rules with regard to all others under his command, and would respect military regulations governing other areas of personal conduct (ie, gays in the military).

Hammond has not been shown in canon as a man who looks the other way when regulations are broken. We learn that he has taken previous disciplinary action against Jack (Shades of Grey) and though he tolerates some antics from Jack in the name of good order because he respects Jack's ability to lead, he does draw the line very firmly when he must. On more than one occasion, he has spoken of doing his duty as a military man (Politics, Spirits, Lost City), whether or not he likes or agrees with the order.

Fanon: Daniel has never called Jack 'colonel'.

Canon: Daniel has called Jack 'colonel' four times: once in The Nox, once in Children of the Gods, and twice in Cold Lazarus.

Fanon: Jack barbeques at his house all the time; Jack is a fantastic cook; Jack can't cook at all.

Canon: We saw Jack using the BBQ in Paradise Lost and Threads. He did lay out a buffet-type spread of food and drinks at Daniel's wake, at his home, in Fire and Water. In addition, he made a remark to Sam in Solitudes to the effect that he can't cook.

Fanon: The team eats only MREs/rations while off-world.

Canon: There are numerous examples of the team eating native foods offworld.

Brief Candle: Jack eats a cake provided to him.
Beast of Burden: Jack samples a drink given to him in the pub.
Scorched Earth: The team attends a feast to celebrate the new village. We don't actually see them eating here, however.
A Hundred Days: Obviously, Jack ate the native food.
The Other Side: Daniel samples the liquid yeast that passes for food.
Beneath the Surface: The team ate whatever was served up during their captivity.
The Warrior: Teal'c drinks from a mug.
Paradise Lost: Jack and Maybourne eat the local plants and fish.
Small Victories: Sam samples the Asgard food cubes.

Fanon: Daniel has a thing about power bars/candy bars and carries them everywhere.

Canon: Daniel offered Kasuf a candy bar (Fifth Avenue, I think) in the movie. He offered Chaka a power bar of some sort in The First Ones, and continued to use them as gifts for Chaka through Beast of Burden. He breaks open a power bar in Birthright and offers it to Jack, who takes it.

Fanon: Daniel was born in Egypt, Chicago, New York, or England.

Canon: There is no canon establishing where Daniel was born or where he lived as a child.

Fanon: Daniel is always cold.

Canon: There is no canon establishing this. This may have originated early in seasons one and two, since Daniel wore a lot of oversized clothes in those seasons, and looked as though he were bundled in layers.

Fanon: Planetary designations on SG-1 are strictly six alpha-numeric characters and begin with a P; generally the sequence in the first three is letter-number-letter.

Canon: Planetary designations are randomly assigned by the computer and may begin with P, M (Prodigy; M4C-862), B (Bane; BP6-3Q1) or K (Lockdown; Sam sends Anubis to KS7-535). In addition, sometimes they are seven characters (Brief Candle; Argos's designation is P3X-8596; Cor-Ai; Cartago's designation is P3X-1279; Enigma; the Tollan homeworld was P3X-7763; The Tokra; P34-353J; ). Sometimes the planet name is given instead of (or in addition to) coordinates/designation (Reetalia, Chulak, Orban, Vyus, Netu, Vorash, Delmak, Euronda, etc). In the first season, planetary designations began either with P3X, P4A, P3R, or P8X. Second season prefixes included P3X, P7J, P5C, P34, BP6, P34, PXY, PX7, P3R, P3W, PB5, PJ2, P2X. There are many variations within sequence. However, P3X is consistently the 'designation of choice' throughout all seasons; it is one of the most frequently used.

Fanon: Daniel has degrees in anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and various physical sciences. He has two PhDs. He graduated college very young.

Canon: There's no canon about the age at which Daniel graduated college or obtained his degrees. He has PhDs in archaeology, anthropology, and philology (The Scourge).

Fanon: Jack speaks Arabic, Spanish, and a smattering of other languages.

Canon: We have seen Jack speak Spanish (Evolution part 2), seen him repeat back a few Goa'uld words here and there, and use a few words of Unas (Beast of Burden). As we know he was in a prison in Iraq for four months many years ago, it's not unreasonable to extrapolate that he learned an Iraqi dialect, or a variant of Arabic, but there has never been any canon evidence of this. He has spoken Ancient while his mind was full of Ancient knowledge in Lost City and The Fifth Race, and either retained quite a bit, or learned quite a bit, in Window of Opportunity in order to be able to help Daniel translate the writing on the Ancient device while stuck in the time loop for several months.

Fanon: Jack has never explicitly stated he has feelings for Carter; nor has Carter stated her feelings for Jack, and so there's no canon establishing Jack/Sam 'ship.

Point of View: Jack kisses alt!Carter goodbye, which seems to make the real Carter profoundly uncomfortable.

A Hundred Days: Carter seems disproportionately upset by Jack being marooned, to the point where Janet comes to speak with her about it. Likewise, after Jack's rescue, she seems perplexed by Jack's reaction to his rescue, and Daniel has to explain the obvious (Jack not expecting to come home, re his relationship with Laira).

Divide and Conquer: When forced to admit the complete truth or risk the alternative of being believed compromised by the Goa'uld, Jack stated that he cared about Carter "...a lot more than I'm supposed to." He and Carter then had a conversation and agreed never to talk about it again.

Window of Opportunity: While caught in the time loop, Jack turned in his resignation to Hammond, then immediately kissed Carter.

Beneath the Surface: while their memories were wiped, Carter and Jack (as Therra and Jonah) gravitated toward each other and it was implied they had romantic feelings for each other. As soon as their memories were recovered, Jack immediately began using Carter's title, pushing them back into their accustomed roles.

2010: In this alternate history, later eradicated by events in 2001, it was made clear that there was great animosity between Jack and Carter's husband Joe. The reasons were implied, but not explained.

Metamorphosis: Carter leans on Jack for comfort.

Grace: Carter explicitly talks to a hallucination of Jack about why she is attracted to him (because he is safe) and whether there would be a chance they could be together. Back on Earth, Jack is clearly upset while Carter is missing, and Teal'c tries to broach the subject, but Jack will not discuss it.

Lost City: Carter drops by Jack's house, and they have an awkward conversation where she tries to make small talk and draw him out. He is clearly uncomfortable. Later, Carter and Jack have a very ambiguous exchange on the ship where Jack cuts Carter off and will not let her say what she was about to. Instead he tells her "I know", they exchange a long significant stare, and they go back to work. At the end of the episode, she begins calling him "Jack" when trying to summon him back to consciousness.

Threads: Carter pays an unannounced visit to Jack's house, and the implication is that she plans to talk to him about her feelings for him, but she discovers Jack's girlfriend Kerry is there, and she leaves. Later in the episode Kerry and Jack break up, and they speak around an issue of Jack doing what makes him happy. Again it is implied Jack would have to retire or leave the SGC, which makes strong by implication the fact that they are talking about Jack being with Carter.

Additional details, information and suggestions by: Terri O, Katie M, Lasair, Van, nostalgia, Orca Girl, and Peggy.

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